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Debts! Financial Collapse! Market Crash! Inflation! Currency Devaluation!Could a world with no money solve all of these problems? In the near future, an American president rose to power on his novel economic plan: money is a thing of the past. Gifts and social obligations are the new currency. While this new Lincoln exalts the birth of a pure community no longer corrupted by green and the power of money, a traveler from distant lands, and a two-bit-pretty-boy-mobster set out to find some of this obsolete and illegal "flighty green paper." Hounded by bizarre new customs, confused wanna-be terrorists, a waitress moonlighting as a "companion," and a nursery-rhyme-singing assassin, the two learn how simple transactions have become impossibly tangled. Whith a borrow tandem bicycle and a quickly mounting portfolio of debts, they head out in search of a world that could be turned right-side-up again.

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